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Are you planning your wedding and thinking maybe something a little "silly" or unique?

Do you want to have a themed wedding?           

Halloween wedding?

Cowboy wedding?

1950's or 1960's wedding?

Renaissance wedding?

A wedding based on your favorite movie or book?


Or do you just want to be married by your favorite character?  


Besides doing some really great traditional weddings, I have had the pleasure to be a horse track trumpeter, Abraham Lincoln, 1950's rocker and Merlin the Wizard!

As strange as this may seem, let me tell a couple of stories.

Abraham Lincoln arrives at a beautiful chapel in Cincinnati. The family and guests are not aware of what the couple have planned.  Abe gets some really strange looks but everyone is too polite to question him about his appearing at the "traditional" wedding.  Once the ceremony starts,  Abe goes in and out of character performing the ceremony.  The family and guests are now convinced that this is truly a unique wedding.  After the ceremony several of the family and guest have their pictures taken with Abe.  I am sure that everyone is still talking about this couples wedding!

Another couple has decide to do a fantasy renaissance wedding in Akron.  Stan Hywet Hall is a beautiful historic mansion and gardens that get thousands of tourist every year.  I arrive early dressed as Merlin the Wizard.  After quite a few strange glances from tourists the rest of the wedding party arrives.  The king, the queen, a knight and elves.  Also faerie bridesmaids and a very Robin Hood looking father of the bride!  This wedding took over a year in the planning.

A couple decided to do a themed wedding based on one of their favorite movies titled "Crybaby".  It is a movie that has attained "cult" status.  Watch it if you ever get a chance.  At this wedding in Columbus even the guests wore poodle skirts and bowling shirts. At this wedding I let my hair grow and dyed it dark just so I could "grease" it back.  Wonderful time had by all!

As the trumpeter blows out a call to the track it starts the wedding ceremony at Beulah Park.  Just when everyone thinks the rest of the ceremony is traditional .... they kiss and the best man hands a riding crop to the groom as the bride leans over...whack!.... and they're off down the aisle!! 

If a "non traditional " wedding is what you would like,

contact Weddings by Jester. 

I have access to a theatrical costumer in Columbus Ohio that has thousands of period and themed costumes in stock.  The costumes are of stage quality so they look very realistic.