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Off the wall....

This page will be a hodgepodge of things that I have learned along the way.  Some things may be wedding related and others will be places, things and people that I have discovered along the way.  It has now been 10 years since I started performing wedding ceremonies.  In that 10 years the unofficial things are:  over 30,000 miles of highway, over 500 weddings, over 300 meals, over 100 small towns and 1000's of nice people.  I have decided on 4 categories.  They are weddings, people, places and things.  I hope that you will find this page helpful and maybe even humorous.  The names of people will be changed to protect their privacy.


Brides: If it is going to be an outdoor wedding in the heat of the day, please use waterproof make-up.

The word "obey" should never be suggested by the Groom to be in the Brides vows. 

It is YOUR wedding, YOUR day.  Make it as special as YOU want.  Good vendors will make suggestions.  Great vendors will go out of their way to get what YOU want and how YOU want!


I met a "DJ" who I suspect usually did karaoke at the local watering hole.  He must of thought that everyone and everything must have a microphone, so he placed a microphone in front of my wireless amplifier speaker just as the ceremony started.  Now, for all the 'techies' and professional DJ's out there, you know this creates an echo effect.  On behalf of the "DJ" he did play some great music. 

I apologize to the keyboardist at my last wedding.  I feel like I may have been a little "snarky" with her.  

Musician: "When is my cue to start playing the recessional song?" 

Me: "hmmmm....let's see..... maybe when the couple turns to face the audience and walk out might be a good time!"



If you are ever around Ashland Ohio make a side trip to Grandpa's Cheesebarn & Sweeties Jumbo Chocolates.  I stop by there everytime I'm doing a wedding in the area or passing through.

Jungle Jim's in Fairfield Ohio.  Discovered this a couple of years ago.  All I can say is "if they don't have it... you can't get it"!!  Groceries from all over the world.

Went to an open house 2/23/12 at Shawnee Hills Bakery for a cake tasting.  Had a good time!  Got to meet with the owners and bakers (sugar artists).  Also tasted some really great cake (my favorite is the vanilla).  If you are having a wedding in the area, check them out.

  The Warehouse Steak N Stein in Roscoe Village.  I had never been to Roscoe Village in Coshocton Ohio.  Did a wedding rehearsal at the Steak n Stein.  Was really impressed by the whole village.  Will be back with my wife, Debbie, to explore this area some weekend.

  Raven's Glenn Winery and Italian Restaurant in West Lafayett, OH.  Did wedding here 3/23/13 and it is a beautiful location!  Great staff too!



I promise not to eat onion or garlic food before the ceremony.   However, I do love Asian food and will try to find a local restaurant after the ceremony!

I must remember to check batteries in my wireless microphone before we start. 

After all these years I now have a Tom-Tom GPS.  No more panic attacks with a printed map from the internet.

Check air pressure in spare tire before leaving for Cleveland!

When having a huppah at a wedding, remember, at least 7 foot off the ground please ( as I am 6'2" ).  Thank you.

Somebody please invent a cooling system for people who wear black suits outside when the temperature is 105 degrees!!